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We are taking business back to a time when a handshake had meaning.

Our focus:

Our network creates value for our members by addressing your business needs (providing information of interest to professionals, B2B e-commerce which allows our members the opportunity to reduce the cost of business needs while seeking services inside our network, increase visibility – as we grow, so does your visibility, and enhanced reputation & recognition of your brand name).

Scope of services provided:

  • Access to the network & network members for business to business e-commerce (discounts on services and products, and piggy back of advertising & resources with other members)
  • listing on both website and social media
  • Business featured on social media
  • social media postings of personal accomplishments & announcements
  • information flow (sharing of information vital to business operations, job postings & recruitment)
  • Brand image (reputation building & enhancement)
  • On Piggy Back Hwy website
  • Business development (new and existing)
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer service
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Detailed training plans

Referral Program

For each new business member that you refer receive one month off your membership fee.

Scholarship Program

For new businesses (in existence for less than 6 months) and are struggling with their visibility and revenue – we can defer the cost of membership for three months. We will also work with you to improve your visibility.

Giving Back

There are two things that we have put into our business model because we are committed to our members and our staff:

1. Every year, 2% of our annual revenues (at the end of the year) will be rebated (prorated according to number of months that they have been members during the current fiscal year) back to our members who have signed up for specific types of membership. Month to month and quarterly will not quality (semi annual, and annual membership)

2. Every year, 2% of our annual revenues (at the end of the year) will be given to the staff of Piggy Back Hwy, LLC (in accordance with years of service and work performance)

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