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(843) 343-0474  |  harrelan49@gmail.com

Our primary focus:

Our network creates value for our members by addressing your business needs (providing information of interest to professionals, B2B e-commerce which allows our members the opportunity to reduce the cost of business needs while seeking services inside our network, increase visibility – as we grow, so does your visibility, and enhanced reputation & recognition of your brand name).

Services offered:

Business development (new and existing), Employee Engagement, Customer Service, Financial Statement Analysis, Coaching, Mentoring, Business to Business e-commerce, and Information Flow

In order for us to properly assess your business needs, there are a few questions we need to ask.

  • 1Your name, business name & contact information (complete address, email, and phone number)
  • 2How long has your business been in existence?
  • 3Is your business a legal entity (registered EIC or state)?
  • 4What are your business needs?
  • 5Do you have a website?
  • 6Do you have business cards?
  • 7What is your mission/vision statement? (Mission is where you expect your business to end up and vision is how you are going to get there)
  • 8What are your business goals? (in other words, what do you want to accomplish – the number of goals should be three to five)
  • 9What are your business strategies? (in other words, how are you going to accomplish your goals – there should be at least two strategies per goal)
  • 10What are your business have core values & code of ethics?
  • 11What type of training do you provide your staff?
  • 12Who or what in your intended market? (who are your customers)
  • 13What is your current method of advertising? (business cards, fliers, print media, social media, or referrals)
  • 14Do you have a tag line to go along with your business name? (a catch phrase)?
  • 15Is your business financially stable?
  • 16Any additional information about you or your business you would like to share?