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Piggy Back Hwy, LLC

Creating an environment where businesses have the support to succeed.

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Why Piggy Back Hwy LLC?

Because Piggy Back Hwy’s unique role in relationship building & resource platform sharing can address some of the issues associated with why businesses fail.

  • 1The math doesn’t work
  • 2Owners who can’t get out of their way
  • 3Out of control growth
  • 4Poor accounting
  • 5Lack of cash cushion (contingency fund)
  • 6Operational mediocrity
  • 7Operational inefficiencies
  • 8Dysfunctional management
  • 9The lack of a succession plan
  • 10A declining market

How do we create value for our members?

Our network creates value for our members by addressing your business needs (providing information of interest to professionals, B2B e-commerce which allows our members the opportunity to reduce the cost of business needs while seeking services inside our network, increase visibility – as we grow, so does your visibility, and enhanced reputation & recognition of your brand name).

In order for us to properly assess your business needs, there are a few questions we need to ask.


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